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The Cycloidal Gear Drive

The Cycloidal drive is a fascinating power transfer device that uses only two gears to create a two-to-one gear ratio between the input and the output, without changing the direction of rotation, and it works in reverse too!

Designed and made in the USA
for better quality,
better performance!

This Gear-Train model kit is a great way to demonstrate how simple gear ratios can reduce or increase torque and the effects that has on power and speed.

A gear train is a set or system of gears arranged to transfer rotational torque from one part of a mechanical system to another. Gear trains usually consists of driving gears, intermediate or "idler" gears, and transfer gears. The driving gear is where energy is input into the system of gears. It's the first gear to "feel" torque. The intermediate gears transfer that torque, and may reduce or increase it according to the gear ratios involved. The transfer gear passes the modified torque onto the next component in the machine, whether it's a wheel, a winch, a counter (as in an odometer - which is another kind of gear train) or anything that needs power.

This unique model has two driving gears, depending on which crank you turn, and no idler gears. You'll see how a simple gear system can double or halve the torque or speed, depending on which gear you drive.

Tools you will need to assemble this kit:
  • Utility Knife
  • Household Scissors
  • Sandpaper or a flat file, to smooth any rough edges
  • Wood Glue
  • Small clamps (or a few rubber bands will do)
  • Optional - 1/4" round or "rat-tail" file

Made from top-quality USA manufactured solid oak non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and void-free plywood for a more dimensionally stable, stronger, and less expensive model than if made from natural wood. The kit can be assembled from start to finish in about two to four hours. The kit includes everything you need except for the tools listed above. The detailed instructions are filled with photos and tips to make construction as easy as possible. We recommend that an adult help any kids under 12 to assemble this kit.

Most mechanical devices have gears in them to change torques and speed, and to control movements of other components. Understanding gears and gear ratios is an important step in developing mechanical skills and how machines work in general.

Tools required:
Scissors, Glue, Ruler, and a utility knife. Sandpaper is optional.

Assembly time:
For a Master carpenter doing a sloppy job: under an hour.
A person with no kit building experience being extremely meticulous: about 2 hours.
The model in these photos was built by Ron Toms in about one hour.

Assembled Size:
- Height: 6"
- Length: 12"
- Depth: 4"

Gear Ratio:
- 2 to 1

Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
Box dimensions: 13" x 13" x 2"

Quantity pricing info:
0 to 4 kits, standard price.
5 to 9 kits, 10% off
10 or more kits, 15% off

Orders of $200 or more qualify for FREE ground shipping!

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