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Leonardo DaVinci's Cam Hammer
This cam-operated automatic hammer is a perfect addition to anyone's collection of Leonardo DaVinci's works!
   $39.95  more info

Leonardo DaVinci's Self-Supporting Arch Bridge
No glue! The unique structure of this bridge holds itself together without any fasteners or connectors. All parts are precision cut from high-quality hardwood. The finished model is 36 wide, 10 tall and 5-1/2 wide.
   $29.95  more info

DaVinci's Ball Bearing Machine
DaVinci's ball-bearing mechanism and cage-gear are both represented in this model of a turntable display stand.
   $39.95  more info

Perpetual Motion Machine
The classic overbalanced wheel, a so-called "perpetual motion machine", as designed by French Architect Villiard De Honnecourt in about 1235, and studied extensively by Leonardo Da Vinci in the late 1400's.
   $169.00  more info

Medieval Battering Ram
The Medieval Battering Ram was an awesome force in ancient times. With it, a small group of men could easily bust through the portcullis and gates of virtually any castle.
   $39.95  more info

The Lever Paradox
When discussing levers, Archimedes said: "Equal weights at unequal distances are not at equilibrium." unfortunately, Archimedes never saw our Lever Paradox, where equal weights at unequal distances do balance!
   $49.95  more info

The Chinese South Pointing Chariot
It was invented in China, about 2600 years ago, and is one of the most precise machines in ancient history. It is a non-magnetic compass, and the oldest example of differential gearing in the world.
   $79.00  more info

The Chinese South Pointing Chariot
- Easy Assembly Version
This Easy Assembly Version of our popular Chinese South Pointing Chariot comes with many of the same features but has been re-engineered to reduce assembly time and increase accuracy of the mechanisms.
   $59.95  more info
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Leonardo DaVinci

Leonardo DaVinci's IQ has been estimated to be somewhere between 260 and 320. He was not only a brilliant painter, pioneering bold new styles and methods for painting portraits, he was also a medical practitioner, a military strategist, an environmental scholar, a naturalist and a mechanical genius and inventor.

He was the first to come up with ideas for such things as scuba gear and submarines, helicopters, military tanks, a robot, and a whole host of machine components that are still in use today. In fact, the car you ride in every day has more than a few parts that Leonardo DaVinci would recognize as his own work. Truly, he was one of the smartest people who ever lived.


We've taken a small portion of his works, and decided to bring them to life for kids, historians, hobbyists and anyone else who has an interest in following the footsteps of this giant mind. Our models are as true to the concepts Leonardo created as we can make them, while still maintaining our comittment to quality, value, durability and ease of assemply for our customers.

We hope you'll enjoy some or more of these models. They're truly museum quality pieces that can be put on display in your own private Leonardo DaVinci exhibit.